Monday, April 4, 2011

Spotlight: Maggie Ross

Maggie thinks about questions very few of us think about. I read her writings with a dictionary by my side, and sometimes that doesn't help because she makes up words to suit her purpose, like apophaticist. She is in Oxford, England now, continuing research at the Bodleian Library. Who knows how long she will reside there and what winds will bow her in another direction. She is partial, however, to the high desert of Eastern Oregon where she's visited us on several occasions. The first weekend in June at the Hay festival she'll be on a panel on the King James Bible with the Booker-winning novelist Howard Jacobson. The following day she will read from her new book Writing the Icon of the Heart: In Silence Beholding, available at  She's been invited to deliver a paper entitled "Behold Not the Cloud of Experience" at the triennial conference of the scholarly Early English Text Society in July. She blogs at – “Voice in the Wilderness, a blog publishing new and old writings of the Anglican Solitary and author, Maggie Ross. Topics include the spiritual life, asceticism, contemplation, discernment, liturgy, environment, politics.” If silence interests you, Maggie is a writer you'll want to follow.

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  1. wish I could have seen that sight....all those beautiful birds. We have bluebird babies in our bluebird house. Mama and Papa are working very hard bringing bugs to hungry mouths. there's a wren's nest in the Workshop. It is full of hungry babies.