Monday, April 18, 2011


I find people in rural areas are more resourceful than city dwellers who tend to rush to a store to buy what they need, call up the service man to have him fix it, or turn on something electric. I could even go so far as to say city people are real energy hogs. (Well, Basmah, dear you say you want to know what I'm thinking.) Since I'm sort of retired, I have more time to be resourceful. Like now I hang out the wash to dry. Easier when one lives in a dry, desert environment. My Houston friend who is visiting said, I notice you have wash lines. Don't see much of them anymore. No, you don't. But I like the feel of scratchy towels and how good the clothes and sheets smell. My mother always said, the whites get whiter when they freeze. And yes, my wash has frozen. Inspired by my West Virginia friend, Barbeleh, I've begun cutting my own hair. I'd already been cutting my husband's hair since he's not real particular how it looks, and he doesn't want to pay a barber. I have bed springs for hair, and curls are very forgiving. Besides, the last time I went to a hair dresser to have my hair cut, she did so within an inch of my life. When she finished she said “Oops, got it a little short.” In keeping with my exploration of creativity I now explore new hair styles with my own hair. I've also taken to using cotton and linen handkerchiefs instead of paper tissue for the delicate art of nose blowing. I had some from my mother's collection and found more at a yard sale, and I must say, they make me smile. (Yes, you have to wash them and I even iron mine) But they save trees. I also don't wear make up anymore. Maybe a little blush and lipstick for Sunday-go-to-meeting. Do you realize how much women spend on makeup every year? Just to look good to each other? Do men really care? Do they notice? It's all about being resourceful.

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  1. Funny, I have been trying to teach Ralph how to cut my considering growing a bun...wish I had my big 80's hair back. I have cut Ralph's hair for years (put the clippers on number 3 and buzzzzz). I have to say, though, I don't hang out my clothes (but I never blow my nose, so no need for a delicate art!)