Friday, April 1, 2011

April at last

So it's April Fool's Day. Did you ever do the one when you were a kid, “Hey, Mom, I”m pregnant”? I guess we've all done that one. We had a great day yesterday. Sunny, a bit windy and high near 65. I got in a good, long walk my hair blowing around like a whirligig. John looked out our north bedroom window and there was a huge shaggy coyote, biggest one I've seen around here, checking out the pasture near the sheds. Wish I had had my camera ready but the batteries died. John opened the window and roared at him, and the coyote took off running toward the wheel lines. There's a smaller red coyote, we call Wiley, we've seen out in the pasture hunting. This must have been the alpha male. We hear them howling and yipping, like this morning when I went out to get the chickens and ducks up. When I walked outside I smelled juniper. They're in the hills to the north and east of us which is maybe 3 to 5 mills away. After a rain there's the wonderful smell of sage brush, which surround us. Sunny again today. Will try to plant potatoes from the red sprouted ones we have left over from last year's garden. The sheriff's truck went by around 7 AM. We never see him out here, and certainly not that early. Dang rooster's in the yard again. Going to have to clip his wings.

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  1. Some fool in our area likes to kill coyotes...strings the corpse on the fence for all to see...very disturbing. Still enough around to hear their calls at night. God protect the Circle of Life.