Thursday, February 13, 2014

Living on Ink: Notes on the Writing Life

Living on Ink

Jennifer M. Fulford, Writer

My dear writer friend, Jennifer M. Fulford, keeps a writing blog and has decided she wants to interview her writer friends. So she selected me to be her fist victim, I mean, author. So if you click on the "Living on Ink" link in the top left hand corner of this blog, you should go to an entry on her blog on what I think of the writing life. I answered questions she posed. Jennifer, might I add, has her first novel coming out in April, Blood, Love & Steel, published by Thames Press in London, which is a series that is the continuation of the Three Musketeers!  More on that later.  

Monday, February 3, 2014

January House Concert

Emcee -- Janet Brayman
Janet Brayman, great supporter of the arts and famed musician, has been sponsoring house concerts here in Burns. John and I attended our first one back in January.  The group was a trio from Houston, Texas called 2-Bit Palomino and they were good. They had fabulous voices and sang great harmony.  Maybe 50 people attended. Donations go to the musicians.  They were a group that knew how to work the crowd and the Burns crowd responded.  This really fine group plays mostly folk and they write most of their songs.  Fun evening and worth the price of admission. Thank you, Janet!