Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Dona on Autoharp, Janet on Hammer Dulcimer, Dennis on guitar

Loita plays bass with the boys

Pastor Matt plays with the group

Willy Carter plays fiddle. Hard to keep him off the stage

Everyone plays. Ruhl in mad hatter hat

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Around the ranch

We had a pretty rainbow last night but no rain. The neigbor rancher's cows graze our front lawn. Very energy efficient mowers. We're down to our last two ducks, two females who are still laying. We lost three to predators, one to heat exhaustion, gave away Scarlett's hatch two years ago and a couple of Mallard Drakes. As far as I know Harney Duck is still on a farm in Spray.  The bees are bringing in pollen and nectar, I'm not sure from where because we don't have much of a bloom in this dry year. And Monday morning Ditzie Hen hatched five chicks. She started with ten, two disappeared, one was a dud and two were developed but never made it out of the egg.  Such is life on the farm. Happy Summer to one and all!

Black Beauty and Scarlet, our last two ducks

Our newest bee hive

Five chicks hatched June 10

Visitor from Portland

My writer friend, Jennifer, visited us on her way home to Portland from Montana. John showed her his fire truck and she took lots of photos to show her Dad in Missouri. We talked lots about writing and publishing. She's going to take the self-publishing plunge this summer. She wrote a fan fiction book on the fourth Musketeer. 

Guest Horses

Our neighbors brought two of their geldings over to mow down our pasture. They are doing a good job. This is JC and CJ.  Nice boys. They like their necks rubbed and John accommodates them.

A Thousand Cranes

We visited the 4 Rivers Cultural Center in Ontario OR which has a significant Japanese culture. This hanging origami sculpture was called A Thousand Cranes which was created in honor of the people who died in the earthquakes and tsunamis.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Publish the Book Was a Hit

Writing the query letter

Terry working on Remnants
The evaluations are in and Publish the Book was a great help to the eleven participants who attended. I got plenty of new ideas myself doing the research and sharing it with others. It was a good group and we had some excellent discussion.  Thank you to  everyone who participated!
Gina works on a short story

Lisa and Wahoo's Training Manual

Randi writes cowgirl poetry

Peg and Diane
Learning about independent publishing

Harriet Under Saddle

Lisa Cronin sent these photos of Harriet's first ride. MacKenzie has done a fabulous job of training Harriet. Harriet with saddle and rider is a vision I have had. Thank you MacKenzie for making it happen! Lisa reports that Harriet will soon go for a ride outside the corral.