Saturday, September 29, 2012

Rockaway Beach 5

High tide

Bar view above Garibaldi Bay

Jetty in the distance

Kate looking for her next ocean poem

Peg looking for blackberries

Kat muses on her next ocean poem

Friday, September 28, 2012

Rockaway Beach 4

Kate writing her ocean poem
Us writers wrote every morning and we read our work in the evenings except for karaoke night. Then there was also lots of beach walking and talking. Sam likes fires on the beach and playing guitar. Tegin played drums. John disappeared for hours, exploring the beach. Good seafood -- fresh tuna and salmon. No shortage of good cooks either.
Kate on beach thinking about another ocean poem

Man talk

Late afternoon at the beach

Rockaway Beach Karaoke

Tegin and Sam
 We celebrated Tegin's 27th birthday at the Lakeside Hideaway Karaoke bar. We just couldn't hold ourselves back. We think it was the hats that did it. Some of you that know these people would not be surprised at their behavior. What a blast!

Tired cowboy but gallantly singing

Two hats at a time?
Peg just loved those hats

Air guitar?

Kate sings her ocean poem
Time to go home. And he had hardly been drinking.

Rockaway Beach 3

Kelly's Marina at Brighton where there's good dungeness crabbing
We spent an afternoon crabbing, caught one male and about three hundred females and baby males. Weather has been spectacular for the Oregon coast.
Crab pots for rent

Live female dungeness crab. Only males over 6 inches can be kept

Crabs and beer
Fog rolls in

Fire pit

Peg with dancing clouds

Kate recites her ocean poem to complete stranger

Sam and Tegin go out kayaking and see sea otters

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Rockaway Beach 2

We hit the Tillamook Cheese factory for ice cream, of course.

Peg talks to Iris at the Latimer Textile Center

Working loom room at Latimer.

Entrance to Latimer

M & J on the beach

Duh, a seagull

Twin Rocks

Peg builds a sand dollar castle

Bird and beach

Oregon Writers Colonyhouse where us writers are staying

Kate regales us with Ocean poems over first course that Sam and Tegin prepared.

Peg and John talk and write.

Kate and Tegin write poetry

Sunset over the Pacific from the back of our house.