Monday, September 17, 2012

Finish the Book

Finish the BookWorkshop
 Saturday, November 3, 2012, 1 to 4
Burns, Oregon

Is your half-finished novel lying in the bottom desk drawer gathering mold and dust? Have you always meant to finish writing it but just never had the time? Or are you stuck on page ten of the same novel you’ve been writing for the last ten years? Help is right here in Harney County.

Marjorie Thelen, a Harney Basin Writer, will conduct the workshop

Cost: $75 per attendee
All proceeds go to benefit Harney County Writer-in-Residence Program
Register early. Maximum participants will be 14.

About Marjorie Thelen:  she has no MFA, no degree in creative writing, no impressive university writing credentials. She simply writes and found it is a very effective way to finish a book. (Well, she has attended her fair share of writing workshops over the years, most recently the Willamette Writers Conference.) In the last ten years she has written nine novels and published two. The third will publish on December 1. She writes mainly lighthearted, romantic mysteries. She knows how to finish a book and would like to help you do the same.

Find course details on her web site home page:

"Only one percent of the people who say they are going to write a book actually do so. Marjorie Thelen is in that one percent." Jane Kirkpatrick in her April 2012 newsletter where she reviewed Marjorie’s book, “The Forty Column Castle”.

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