Monday, February 13, 2012

The Palomino Lane Band Debut

We worked up our courage and went Sunday afternoon to the Old Time Fiddlers potluck and jam session at the Harney County Senior Center. Mostly there were guitars and us - Jane on flute and guitar, Diana lead vocal on guitar and me on accordion. I even sang. We had a real fun time, learned a lot and will be back. The jam is once a month with practices on Friday evenings.  We sang three songs, nervous as can be, but we did it. Everyone takes a turn. The guitar players are superb. The one fiddler fell and broke her leg so she wasn't there. One gentleman players the harmonica. A group of ladies play pinocle on Sunday afternoon so they are in the one photo with the group enjoying the potluck. The first photo is Janet and Joan better known as the Sage Rats on hammered dulcimer and guitar. Joan has a fabulous voice.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Jane's Autoharp

Jane showed off her new auto harp when last the band practiced. It's pretty cool, but she has trouble keeping it in tune. We are going to the Old Time Fiddlers jam session at the senior center on Sunday. We're getting very brave.  I had some voice coaching from Joan Sutter, member of the Sage Rates, guitarist and singer extraordinaire. I doubt it helped much but I can pretend. I realize I haven't posted in a while but we're in the winter doldrums here. Not much snow after that last tiny storm. A little rain. Lots of sunshine.  It's been a very very mild winter. Thoughts are turning to spring. I ordered another lemon tree from Guerney's plus a lime tree.  I'm battling aphids on the lemon tree right now which is in bloom again. I use a weak solution of dish liquid and spray it on.  Environment friendly solution. Ms. Speckles, the banty hen, hatched a chick yesterday and she is sitting one more. It is a white leghorn mix. Tiny yellow piece of fluff. She's very determined. John's sister visited last week overnight to check out the Lazy J. We had a very nice visit and I believe she like it here.