Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Jamboree Again

The High Desert Fiddler Jamboree in Burns in June was a wonderful event. Dona Townsend, Lynn Staub and I played autoharp together along with Dennis, Dona's husband, who played guitar, and Maria Thompson, who played fiddle with us sometimes. Dona sent some great photos on Picassa but it took me this long to figure out how to download them. So here they are. I was emcee for an afternoon and got carried away with the hats. 

Dona is a watercolor artist. She had some of her paintings displayed at the Jamboree. One was of a cowboy and I kept looking at him thinking, that cowboy has a story. I bought the painting from her, and he will 
Dennis, Dona, Lynn & Marjorie
be in in the next book I write about about Harney County.  He'll also be on the cover. The title of the painting is "My Heroes Have Always Been" (Dona has always loved cowboys) and that will be the title of the book! Thanks Dona and Dennis for the photos! Vivan Las Amigas Autoharpistas!
Marjorie, Dona, Lynn, Maria, Dennis & Walt

Dona and her water color, My Heroes Have Always Been

Autoharpista taking a break

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Around the ranch

CJ, Belle and Dazzler having a snooze
The horses have moved to the pasture across the street which has more grass.  The turks arrived about three weeks ago. They are Bourbon Reds. Yes, I did say I wouldn't do turks again but these are heritage turkeys and good foragers. They love bugs. We have lots. Our neighbor has 27 poults and we took the off color ones. We are down to nine chickens who provide us with about 5 eggs a day. The ducks are still laying and invade any pot or pond of water they find.  Going to be 95 degrees today. John was called out on a range fire last night. It burned sagebrush but no buildings. We go to Boise today to celebrate my birthday at Tucanos, a great Brazilian restaurant.
The turks

Ready to roost

Black Beauty and Scarlett

Bear Lake

Last month we enjoyed a long weekend with John's sister, Anne Marie, and family. His brother, Jerry, flew in from Phoenix and we had a mini-reunion.  Annemarie and Carl have a cabin on a mountain overlooking the lake. Weather was great. Nice to see everyone.

Carl and Anne Marie

Chris and his girlfriend

Alyssa and William

Jerry, Marjorie, John, Anne Marie and Carl

Rob, William, John, Anthony and Alyssa

Monday, July 1, 2013

100 Degrees Record High Sunday in Burns

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We're in the triple digits for the next few days but that didn't stop us from a dip in the pond at a ranch in Drewsey. Our young friends who care take the ranch invited us for a swim and Barbeque.  The pond is fed by several springs, some of them hot. The water was warm some places and cool in others. They made a moveable dock and diving board.  Their little girl is in water wings. The baby boy doesn't like cool water yet. It was a lazy summer day but we stayed cool. Happy Fourth of July!