Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Around the ranch

CJ, Belle and Dazzler having a snooze
The horses have moved to the pasture across the street which has more grass.  The turks arrived about three weeks ago. They are Bourbon Reds. Yes, I did say I wouldn't do turks again but these are heritage turkeys and good foragers. They love bugs. We have lots. Our neighbor has 27 poults and we took the off color ones. We are down to nine chickens who provide us with about 5 eggs a day. The ducks are still laying and invade any pot or pond of water they find.  Going to be 95 degrees today. John was called out on a range fire last night. It burned sagebrush but no buildings. We go to Boise today to celebrate my birthday at Tucanos, a great Brazilian restaurant.
The turks

Ready to roost

Black Beauty and Scarlett

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