Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Publish the Book Was a Hit

Writing the query letter

Terry working on Remnants
The evaluations are in and Publish the Book was a great help to the eleven participants who attended. I got plenty of new ideas myself doing the research and sharing it with others. It was a good group and we had some excellent discussion.  Thank you to  everyone who participated!
Gina works on a short story

Lisa and Wahoo's Training Manual

Randi writes cowgirl poetry

Peg and Diane
Learning about independent publishing

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  1. Marjorie presented an excellent workshop. I'll bet no one else is offering anything as insightful or comprehensive. By the end it seemed as if everyone not only received all the current information about publishing but also a personal assessment of their progress on their current books. Not many one day workshops can accomplish both, but Marjorie managed it. She's been an inspiration for and instigator of writing in Harney County.