Monday, April 11, 2011


There's an odd phenomenon that occurs here when spring flooding comes on and water invades the high desert from snow melt on the flats and in the mountains. Water appears in a place where it otherwise would not have been. It's called subbing here or sub-irrigation, another word I've heard used. Being from the East, I'd never seen it before until the spring flooding this year. The water table appears to be so high the water simply seeps from the ground. The drainage ditch that runs the length of the south side of our house is full and now water appears to be seeping from the ditch into low places in our yard. In the middle photo with what's left of our ducks, the ditch is spreading into Palomino Lake to the west of us. Wet spots on the road are appearing. The top and bottom photo look east. The ditches are full on either side of the road and to the left in the photo you can see the “seep” expanding into our yard.

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