Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fishworms and frogs

Yesterday was too gorgeous to be inside so I headed out to plant a row or two of last year's sprouting red potatoes. The ground is wet and the fish worms wiggled and flipped when I disturbed their homes. The first year we were here there were no fish worms. After two years of chicken and horse manure, kitchen compost and moldy hay, big mother and small baby fish worms abound in the garden soil. I'm not sure if there are any father fish worms. Have to look up the biology of that The bees zoomed and zigzagged around me. I studied one that landed on my sweater. She was small, sleek and golden. The hives are raising new bees. Old bees look a bit battered like the rest of us. I threw out some arugula seeds which grow like weeds. Love those greens and the bees love the flowers. I planted spinach and lettuce assortments in the leaky horse troughs and whiskey barrels. In the evening John and I road our bikes west on Palomino Lane to check out the water. Frogs were singing at din level. How do they hibenrate in the desert soil in the dry years, waiting for the rare wet year that brings on the pasture ponds? I spotted several pair of avocets wading in the water. All this water, frogs and water fowl in the high desert is such an anomaly. Then again, we are on the Pacific Flyway.

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  1. We're having a drought here, but with plenty of well water our garden thrives...have baby squash and peppers and tomatoes already. Love that argula...didn't know bees love the flowers...I've been pulling them off to make the leaves last...guess I'll stop that. Saw our first hummingbird yesterday.