Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sick of the weather

How many times have you said that in your lifeline? I've been trying to restrain myself but now I have to say it: I'M SICK OF THIS WEATHER. It snowed again yesterday, is above freezing today. Factor in the wind, and it is cold. Where are sun kissed spring days, daffodils, happy buzzing bees? Not in Harney County. My old Basque friends say this cold, wet weather is abnormal for here and they've lived here maybe sixty years. Another friend says this is a normal wet spring after eight years of drought. She's lived here 15 years. The water continues a steady flow in the ditches past our place but may have subsided just a bit, hard to tell. The town flooding is subsided some, but people are still on the alert. The cold temperatures help slow the snow melt in the mountains since the temperatures at night have been below freezing. But there's a lot of snow up there yet. The Steens mountains are still a block of solid white. We can see them from our place, and they are sixty miles away. At 9,500 feet that's a lot of snow to come.

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