Monday, March 11, 2013

Bird Song Karaoke A Great Hit

Kate and Tom Troubadour
 Karaoke night at the Showtime Bar and Grill is over. What an evening!  Amazing talent emerged during the course of the evening. The hats are really what make a successful Karaoke. Besides the singing, of course. Some of the Old Tyme Fiddlers attended and we had live music as well. Tom Wallis was roving troubadour. Jordie Wallis did Gilbert and Sullivan songs to everyone's great delight. What a performer!  Janet Brayman, dulcimer player, donned a blond wig and nobody knew who she was. Joan Sueter did a solo with Jordie backup of Summertime. Holly Hoyt did an amazing rendition of  Give Me One Reason, a Tracy Chapman song. And we did actually sing some bird songs opening with Rockin' Robin to get the evening off to a rousing start. Sorry we can't give everyone top billing, but everyone agreed we need to do it again.
Pat and Lorna discuss the merits of bird songs.

Jane and Janet rock and roll

Lorna, Susan, Holly and Pat

Debra and Barbara

Ron and John

Group sing


Jordie and his mother Peg in disguise

Bill rocks on mandolin

Jordie sings Gilbert and Sullivan

Yes, this is Janet Brayman

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