Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sage Rage Watch

 The other morning I looked out to see the two younger cats patiently waiting for the sage rats (Belding's Ground Squirrel) to appear.  The sage rats came out of hibernation about a month ago and have been scurrying frenetically back and forth from burrow to burrow.  They are a nuisance for farmers since they dig so many holes and people make a sport of shooting ground squirrels with the farmers' blessing.  I think they are kinda cute but there are a lot of them!  We have warm days (in the fifties) to tease us thinking spring is coming. Then a cold front comes through like yesterday and we are nearly blown off the face of the Earth.  It has been too dry here but the grass is heroically greening up. We lost one of our two bee hives over the winter. Last week a coyote got my favorite leghorn hen when we went to Bend for the day.  I know I'm going to lose some to predators, but I wish they wouldn't take my favorites.  It is hard to believe Palm Sunday and Easter are coming up.  Wishing everyone Happy Spring!

Cat obsessed with sitting in flower pots. This one is a fig tree that lives on our sun porch. It is just starting to bud.

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