Saturday, March 23, 2013

Micki and Lisa Walk the LLamas

Micki, Wizard and Lisa
Lisa and Snowy Owl
Micki Selvitella arrived from Portland Thursday evening. Of course, the weather turned to freezing and 20 MPH winds for her walk with Lisa and the llamas Friday afternoon.  But walk they did for an hour instead of three hours. Through snow squalls, even.  Lisa and her two other partners have a herd of llamas they breed and train to pack so it requires exercising the llamas.  Lisa had the llamas saddled with their packs when we arrived. The farm where they keep the boy llamas borders on BLM land, a bit rugged in spots. This was a totally new experience for Micki, not for Lisa who has been working with llamas for years. Lisa is a writer buddy in Burns, member of the Harney Basin Writers. The book she is writing about training llamas is just wonderful to read because the llamas talk and tell what they are thinking about being trained.  Lisa can understand what her llamas are saying, you see.  Thank you, Lisa, for taking Micki walking with the llamas!
Saddled up and walking out

Heading for BLM country

Coming home and everyone is still smiling

The reward -- a munch on the bale of hay


Wahoo. He's the subject of the book Lisa is writing -- Wahoo's Training Manual for Llamas and Trainers.

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