Saturday, June 2, 2012

Zion National Park

Eleanor & Larry at dinner at the Spotted Dog
View from the outdoor cafe at the Lodge
The action of water made the canyon
Flowers growing in the hanging gardens above the first Emerald Pool
View down canyon from trail
View from Sandbridge Trail looking down at road into Zion
Virgin River Gorge looking north
View from the porch of Zion Lodge

Larry, Eleanor and John at Zion Canyon
Looking up from an Emerald Pool
John hiked to the highest Emerald Pool
Well, I didn't get around to posting in May. My excuse is that we were very busy. The beginning of May John and I took a driving trip to Zion, Bryce and Great Basin National Parks. We met our cousins, Eleanor and Larry, at Zion and we visited Bryce together. The photos should tell the story. The scenery is awesome. We learned a lot about the Colorado Plateau and the Great Basin. Harney County, where we live, is on the northern edge of the Great Basin. The weather was perfect. Sunny and about 80. John and I wore ourselves out hiking the Sandbridge trail which was, duh, all sand and used by the horses. Eleanor was very good at finding the good places to eat and what to see. The Virgin River made the gorge. Water seeping through the rocks continues to carve the canyon. It is really, really worth the visit. The Lodge is the place to stay. You are on the floor of the canyon looking up. 

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