Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bryce National Park

A German couple took this photo of us. We're on our way up out of the canyon. Huff, puff.
The happy hikers at Bryce
We actually walked down this trail into the canyon. Scary.

After Zion we drove about 80 miles northeast to Bryce Canyon National Park home of the famous hoodoos. We stayed at the Lodge which sits on the rim of the canyon. Bryce is about 8,000 feet and cooler than Zion. Also windy. The temps at night got down to zero. John and I stayed two nights. Eleanor and Larry left after one night to go back to Las Vegas. The food at the Lodge is really fine. Eleanor was able to get gluten-free very easily. We saw the mandatory sunrise and sunset over the canyon. John and I hiked down the Navajo Trail and up the Queen's Garden trail. We were huffing up and down. Talked to lots of people. Many foreigners. How do they find these remote places? Everyone had a camera and snapped away. Can one have too many photos of hoodoos? The vistas are breath taking. The rocks are millions of years old. One feels very insignificant among them. I think I liked the hoodoos best.

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