Monday, April 23, 2012

Exciting News! The Water is Here

Yoda takes a sunbath on the front lawn.
Bees with orange pollen sacks on their legs.
 We went out this morning to feed the critters and John yells,"There's water in the ditch." When we came in last night it was dry as a bone, this morning water is running good. We have been waiting for the water. It is snow melt that comes from the mountains north of us. Our rancher neighbor predicts there won't be so much this year.

The ducks are happy. We are happy.  We've had summer weather the last few days. The trees are leaving out. The bees are bringing in pollen. Mrs. Speckles decided to get broody again and she started sitting last Thursday. The tree swallows are back. So we put up the bird house they like so much. (See last years post.) The avocets, pin tail ducks, cinnamon teals, and snipes are back. Blitzen likes to gallop around the sagebrush.  It is so nice to have warm weather again.
Ducks discover the water is here

Water in west ditch

Water in east ditch with ducks

more east ditch water

Mrs. Speckles is sitting again, on 8 eggs this time

Tree swallows check out bird house

Tree swallow on bird house perch

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