Friday, February 15, 2013

Life continues in the outback

Temps are warming here to a balmy 40 degrees during the day but still are in the teens at night. The quail in this photo, who were with us all winter have, departed for better feeding grounds. We sold a dozen of our laying hens and butchered three roosters. A nice young couple bought the hens. They wanted to start their own flock.We're now down to a manageable dozen hens, no roosters. The hens get at least a year off. We'll have eggs enough for us but none to sell.  The horses are wintering well. We are talking of finding other homes for them, since the little guy will be a year old April 8 and he needs to be gelded and trained, something we're not going to take on. The cats are venturing outside more. John is halfway through his project of putting insulation under the floor. I got a new propane gas kitchen range last week and new pots and pans and am trying to figure out how to use them.  We still have one horned owl who roosts in the Russian Olive tree at night. No sign of his mate for weeks. The magpies have returned. It's been a pretty dry winter. The snow and ice have melted enough that I resumed my walks this week. The roads are drying out, too. The tundra swan and snow geese should arrive in another week.  Could spring be coming?  A special hello to Jeanne and Debra, my friends in Texas, who read my blog.  I know the beautiful Carolina jasmine are blooming there. Happy Spring!

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