Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Remembering Sophie

Sophie was one of the best. She went to cat heaven today and it always is a hard decision for me to help them on their way. She was declining in health, could eat and drink but nothing stayed in her. She was losing weight and felt like a bag of bones.She was perky to the end, but I could tell she wasn't feeling great. These photos were from a cold winter afternoon when we were cuddling on the recliner or sleepy chair as John and I call it. It has been a long, extremely cold, snowy winter and Sophie spent almost all the time inside. She was a rescue from our home in Bluemont Virginia. Actually, she adopted us. She was very feisty and bossed our two younger, bigger cats around. She didn't take no guff. She raced around the yard and climbed the trees, stalked and caught mice, rabbits, and sage rats. Had a wonderful cat life here.  Did as she pleased. Got good food up until the last. She rode out to Oregon with us from Virginia in a 26 foot Budget rental truck and slept on the dashboard most of the time, refusing to stay in the cat carrier. I can already feel her haunting the place, in a good way. This was her home for most of her life and I'm glad she shared it with us. Dear, beloved Sophie.  Rest in peace.

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