Monday, August 15, 2016

Hillary Doesn't Insult Me

I sent this Letter to the Editor of the Burns Times Herald and it was published Wednesday, August 10:

I don't usually write letters to the editor, but the cartoon you published in last week's paper compelled me to speak up. It showed a caricature of Hillary Clinton that read "Insults Our Intelligence".  I want it to be known that she doesn't insult my intelligence.  As an intelligent, well-educated, and well-read woman, I find her amazing, I admire her, and I support her bid as the first woman President of the United States of America.  I have long admired her, but in 2003 when I read her book, Living History (which is in the Harney County Library), I became a devoted supporter even sending money to her campaign for senator in New York, and I didn't live in New York.  I find her work as a public servant inspiring. I find her grit, determination, and forthrightness to be applauded.  There is a whole generation of women who look up to her for guidance and inspiration. Without women like her, women today would not enjoy the hard won rights they have. I realize that not everyone shares my opinion of her. In polling numbers from the New York Times in July, she polls worst with white males with no college degree.  This demographic group is not the majority they used to be. They now seem to feel threatened. Powerful women threaten certain types of men. Maybe these white males are coming to understand the discrimination that women, African Americans, Native Americans, the LGBTQ community, Hispanics, Asian Americans, and other minority groups have suffered for hundreds of years in this country.  I appeal to disaffected voters to look again at what Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party stand for. The platform is on her web site: Learn who she is and what she wants for this country instead of listening to media pundits. Hillary Clinton has all the qualifications it takes to step into the White House on day one and lead us for the next four years. I trust her with my life, and I trust her to lead this country.  Deal me in!

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