Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Ursula Le Guin spends "about a week a year being out here, and fifty-one weeks dreaming about it".  (from Out Here by Ursula Le Guin and Roger Dorband, Raven Studios, p. 10.) This year I had the extreme good fortune to meet up with her while she was "out here" where I happen to live and spent a delightful hour in conversation with her over dinner. I have long admired her writing and writing career. It was a real honor to get to meet her.  I was happy the whole time.  Last November she made a great speech when she accepted the National Book Foundation's medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters.  It's worth listening to at  She writes science fiction and fantasy, novels, short stories and poems and other stuff. Her web site at is a wealth of information. She also sketches, and the sketches are my favorite part of Out Here.  In September she's coming out with a revised edition of her book on writing, Steering the Craft, A 21st Century Guide to Sailing the Sea of Story. It's on my list to read. She blogs about writing on the web site Book View Cafe at It's worth checking out, especially if you are a serious writer. Thank you, Ursula, for everything. 

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