Thursday, August 20, 2015

Fire in the Northwest

Smoke cloud comes in from north. View from our east pasture.

 Smoke cloud rolls in behind neighbor's house
Sunrise through smoke
The Northwest is plagued by fire.

We in Harney County are affected by smoke. This smoke cloud came in from the Canyon Creek Complex fire which is about an hour north of us in the mountains in Grant County. Fuel is Ponderosa pine. Since the cloud rolled in on Monday, smoke has been with us every since and air quality is code orange.

Canyon City is just south of John Day, if you look at an Oregon map. Seneca is south of that and they are under a level 1 evacuation order which means they may be evacuated.  The wind keeps shifting which is why the fire is now headed south. Wind to shift on the weekend to east.

The John Day Newspaper is the Blue Mountain Eagle and in Bend is the nearest TV station that posts info on the fires. Warm Springs fire is about 3 hours west of us.

They report the Canyon Creek complex is the highest fire priority in the nation.  Resources are stretched thin and Gov. Kate Brown of Oregon has called in 125 National Guard to be trained in firefighting in a week. Say a few prayers for all of us.

Here is a link to the fire maps:

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