Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas or else!
Guido is our 18 month old steer who was a bummer or leppy calf. That means he was bottle fed because for whatever reason his ma abandoned him. So he's on the small side.  He loves to be brushed and zones out when John brushes him.  He loves table scraps especially banana and citrus peels and corn cobs. He DOES NOT like carrots and arugula. Apples, for sure.  He's John's 'pet' and when John goes into his corrall to feed him, he butts John until he gets his neck rub.   He has two nice, dry horse stalls with straw to get out of the weather. He gets lots of grass hay to eat and wet cob for his morning treat.  Steer heaven.

Zoning out

Love dem apples

What a handsome guy

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