Saturday, May 31, 2014

Remembering Sam

Sam and Tegin on the trail
We met Tegin and Sam five years ago hiking in the Cascades of Oregon.  We struck up a friendship based on  love of nature and being outdoors. They were on vacation,visiting wilderness places which they loved to do best. They came to visit us on the ranch. We'd visit them in Portland; they'd visit us on the ranch.  Sam liked to disappear into the sagebrush with a beer and his guitar. They invited us to their wedding party at Lost Lake. They came to visit us on vacation at Rockaway Beach.Their art and music was important to them, so important that last year they bought an RV and went on the road, intending to travel around the US working and getting gigs to play their music.  February 19, 2014 that all came to an end when Sam died in Berkeley, California. Tegin lives on and is carrying on their dream of playing music and being the artists they always want to be.

Tegin, John, and Sam cooking up a gourmet meal

One November they came for a visit and the three of us painted a scene from the Oregon High Desert that became the cover of  my book, High Desert Detective

Painting the high desert

Sam in happy times

Celebrating Tegin's birthday at Karaoke night at Rockaway Beach

Hamming it up at Karaoke night

Their wedding party at Lost Lake

Sam and Tegin, newly weds

It is hard to loose so such a young, talented, and vibrant friend. It was hard to write this post, but Sam belonged on my reminisces of Along Palomino Lane.  Miss you, Sam.

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