Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fire danger

Smoke cloud looking east

Smoke cloud looking south. Blue sky to the right.

Smoke, smoky and smokier
This past week and the week before John was called out to the Miller Homestead fire near French Glen and the Anderson Valley fire. Both are contained now. He volunteers with the Crane Rangeland Fire Dept, an all volunteer community organization.  A 1,000 gallon Rangeland water tank truck is parked in our yard. John maintains it, keeps it filled from a neighbor's irrigation well, and drives it to where it is needed when called. Photos are him leaving for the Miller Homestead fire and the smoke from the fire on our horizon which was 60 miles to the southeast of us. We postponed a weekend jaunt to the Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge because of the fire danger in the area. Both fires were set off by lightening.

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