Monday, July 30, 2012

Alvord Hot Springs

Looking toward the pools from the road

The paths to the pools

Looking back to the road

Hot pool and John in the cool pool

Hot pool looking back to the road
Last week John and I took a trip to the Alvord Hot Springs via the East Steens Highway for my birthday.  We had visited in January but it was too cold to get in because the pipes were broken. This time it was too hot. There are two concrete pools and someone had routed all the pipes into one pool so that when we got there the one was too hot and the other pretty cold. So John rerouted the pipes and we had a nice sit in the "hot" spring.  The hot springs are on private land but were maintained for years by one man who died several years ago. Someone put in the two concrete pools and put up corrugated tin for a wind break. Being in an isolated area, of course, someone shot holes in the tin. This is not Martha Stewart country.

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