Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Voodoo Doughnut -- people stand in line for these
Famous Portland stature with helpers

The Max in downtown Portland at night

Bus Stop with Art
Tegin and John at Dan & Louie's Oyster Bar
Mt. Hood from our hotel

John and I spent a long weekend in Portland. I attended an e-publishing conference and got many good ideas. Tegin, our artist/musician friend, took out out for a night on the town. Had great oysters for dinner, bought huge fruit fritters at Voodoo Doughnut, where people line up into the wee hours for their doughnuts. We walked around downtown Porland in the rain and ended up at The Candlelite Cafe and Bar where a great R & B Funk bank was playing. We even danced. The music was so loud it took until the next day to be able to hear again. John took me to see The Grotto where he spent most of Sunday.  It is a peaceful forest smack in the middle of NE Portland. We saw the bubblers in Pioneer Square. They are perpetual water fountains installed years ago by a man who wanted his workers to drink more water than beer. Portland is green and blooming and beautiful. Mt Hood stands sentinel in the background. The Max is an electric tram we rode in downtown.

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  1. Portland downtown is a must visit for us Oregonians, now you've done it, so you're officially Oregonian. Keep exploring! You guys are awesome!
    Your Kismet