Monday, August 15, 2011

Keep Portland Weird

John saw this on a bumper sticker in Portland. It's a fine city, but we were frazzled by the end of the visit. We're not used to cars, freeways, lots of people, lots of action. It was great to get home to the high desert. While I spent three days in hotel conference rooms listening to how to produce a screen play, how to e-publish a book, and how to write better, John visited the Grotto with our friends Tegin and Sam who we stayed with. The grotto is one photo. John loved it and returned there for mass on Sunday. Tegin and Same are pictured at the arboretum in Washington Park where they showed us the redwoods. They are musicians, visual artists and nature children. They also took us to the rose garden and there's a photo of one of the many gorgeous roses there. Portland is the City of the Roses, for those of you who don't know. If I were younger and had it to do over again, I'd move to Portland. Great culture. Great eating. We found Jake's Famous Crawfish restaurant and went there two nights. Incredible seafood and 19th century atmosphere. We found Powell's books, wandered around the store and got overwhelmed. Of course, we bought some books. I found Red Pine's wonderful translations of ancient Chinese zen writings. John found a Herman Hesse book he hadn't read. Tegin and Sam also took us to the Audubon center. My favorite bird was Ruby, the vulture, who is pictured sunning. She is one of the birds  that is cared for because she cannot be returned to the wild. In her case she imprinted on humans and can't live without us in close proximity.

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