Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ducks again

While we were in Bend, Wiley Coyote got four more of our chickens, making it six in a week. So John and I put up more fencing in the chicken yard to keep them in for a few days to try to break the cycle. They say a coyote knows when you aren't home. So we opened the gate from the chicken yard into the house yard and turned on the sprinkler for the ducks, since they couldn't get to their pond. It was so cute to see the little ducks jumping for water droplets coming out of the sprinkler. There's one group photo with chickens and another of George III and two of the remaining three rockette sisters. (Wiley got the other two.) We now play the radio at night in the chicken yard and the fowl fall asleep to the tunes of classic rock. I also go out and bang pie pans when we hear them close to the house. We think it is a mom and her pups. Food is in shorter supply this season since the sage rats have gone into hibernation and we haven't seen many jack rabbits. The hawks have been showing an interest in our chickens, too, and they might have gotten some of the banties. (We lost two.)

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