Friday, July 8, 2011

Wild Roses

The wild roses started blooming last week in yellow and orange. Lots of houses in Burns have them cascading as fences.  Ours are shaded and the cows chew on them, so they don't burst with blooms but they are lovely, none the less. The purple salvia and catnip in the garden are rich with blooms. Last night I went out to brush the horses and couldn't find them. They were hiding in the high grass and brush on the southeast corner, and I didn't see them. I walked the whole perimeter of the pasture calling them and looking for a break in the fence. They were totally gone. I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone. Those horses just couldn't have disappeared. When I got back I asked John if he had seen them. And there they were standing in the southeast corner, big as you please. They must have been lying down when I passed. We brushed them this morning and they got their carrot treats. They seem to be settling in. This must be Pasture Nirvana for them.

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