Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Actors Lab

As some of you know, I'm polishing my latest mystery novel, Designer Detective, which I plan to pitch at the upcoming Willamette Writers Conference. I decided for a variety of reasons to turn it into a screen play so I could pitch that, too, since producers and agents from the film industry attend the conference as well. On Friday evening of the conference they feature an Actors Lab where aspiring screen writers who are selected can have some of their screen play read by professional actors. I entered the first 7 pages of my screen play and it was selected!  I am thrilled. It is such an opportunity to see how an actor would portray the characters one creates. There is a rehearsal Thursday evening which I will attend.  This all happens next week. I am busy polishing the manuscript, too. I'll pitch that to two literary agents and a mystery book publisher. Wish me luck!

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