Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Swallows Return

This morning about 7 AM I was outside to feed the fowl. I had left the pretty bird house up I thought the female swallow had abandoned after yesterday's tragedy. There she was at the bird house with a new mate! She reminded me of that wife that had fallen in love with the house and just had to have it, no matter what the cost. Maybe it was the pretty green ivy my uncle had painted on the outside. Added to that a second pair was helping them celebrate! Maybe they were all on the honeymoon together. The male tree swallow has iridescent blue and green on the back of his head and shoulders. The female is black and white. Swallows have to be the most elegant fliers of all birds. Their distinctive pointed tails and wings and swooping flight patterns are unmistakable. They like to feed on insects which is a plus for us because we have mosquitoes by the billions since we have water this year. I immediately enlisted John's help to move the bird house so that cat couldn't get them. His solution was to hoist it up in the tree. See photos. Maybe the bats will come back, too. Hmmm, need to get the bat house up. (Bottom photo is newlyweds at original location, top two are the male at the new, higher location. They seem to like it.)

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