Wednesday, June 1, 2011

All the Chicks Hatched

All six of the eggs Mama Hen was nesting have hatched. The first hatched about 6 PM Sunday evening. The last hatched yesterday morning. There are two black, two gold with dark markings and two yellow. John looked at them and said there are three more eggs in there. I said, no that can't be because I've been watching to make sure no one else laid in there, but by gosh John was right. Some hen had sneaked three more eggs in there. So neighbor Diana came last evening, after helping another neighbor catch a stray bull, and she took the warm eggs to her broody banty who's been sitting two eggs. Mama and chicks are doing well. They have their own house until Mama decides to take them outside to forage which should be in a few days. When I go into the shed, she calls them all to her, if they are out and they scramble to get under her for safety.

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