Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What She Missed

Well, my sister was supposed to arrive today for a ten day visit but had to cancel because she couldn't get away. She'll miss the series of Pacific storms that will sweep through here for the next five days, half of her proposed trip. She'll miss the freezing temperatures tonight and the possibility of snow. But she'll also miss the glorious collection of birds that the wet spring has brought. Maggie Ross, in particular, would enjoy all the birds and would be able to tell me the names of the ones I can't identify. My sister will miss sloshing and bouncing through the streams that flow over East and West Palomino Lane, but she'll also miss the avocets and black neck stilts that jump and cry and fly about when we walk up to their nesting area in Palomino Marsh. She'll miss the turkeys that are now big enough to chase the chickens and the cats around the yard, why I don't know. She's miss the baby chicks that are set to hatch Memorial Day and the baby banties with the bad hairdos. Most of all, she'll miss the ever changing habitat and the surprise-a-day living along Palomino Lane, but maybe she'll come in September for the Harney County Fair and Rodeo.

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