Monday, May 2, 2011

Llama trekking

I joined the Burns Llama Trailblazers on Sunday morning for a three mile hike with three llama girls, their handlers and 4-H members. I went as ham radio support since we were on some out of the way out, hilly places north of Burns. Luckily, the day was sunny and cool. The llama are trained as pack animals and have to go through specified trials in order to certify as pack animals. Female llamas were Augusta, Leda, and Emma, and they performed their tasks well which included fording streams, going through brush and jumping logs. The male llamas went on an eight mile hike. Everyone enjoyed themselves, I think, including the ham radio operator. 

First photo is the boys getting saddled up with the packs for the 8 mile trip; the second is Lisa Wolf, head packer with Wahoo, who didn't go; the next is the scary ham radio team who provided communications support;  the ladies crossing water; the babies -- they didn't go, they were one and two days old

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  1. You are always having new the pictures...