Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Books in Print

For those of you who have broken Kindles and/or still like the feel of that paper book between your hands, be it known that five of my books are now available in print.  If you happen to be in Burns, Oregon they are available at Gallery 15 at 76 Washington Street.  If not, they are also available on Amazon.com and Createspace.com.  Included in print are the Deovolante Space Opera series -- A Far Out Galaxy, Hoodoo Canyon, The Next Universe Over.  The Fiona Marlowe mystery series is also in print -- Designer Detective and High Desert Detective. Sometime in the fall I may bring out the other two mysteries in print -- The Forty Column Castle, and The Hieroglyphic Staircase.  Currently, I'm working on the third Fiona book but can't figure out how to end it. John and my mystery neighbor have read it so far and like it.  First hurdle surmounted.  And I've started the fourth book in the space opera series -- Earth Rising -- where I will solve all the problems of our troubled world.  Ha! Right.

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