Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Hoodoo Canyon

Hoodoo Canyon is now available as a digital book on Amazon.com.  

In my latest mystery I explore one of my favorite questions:  What is reality?  This time with a group of physicists invited to attend a top-secret conference in Utah’s Bryce Canyon National Park. But the conference organizer doesn’t show up and one of the attendees turns out to be an extraterrestrial.  It’s mystery with humor and a little romance starring renowned theoretical physicist, Dr. Eloise Bright, who finds it odd that a top-secret physics conference will be held at a remote backcountry campsite in Bryce Canyon National Park.  Curiosity overcomes reason, and she agrees to go, not knowing who will attend. When the conference organizer doesn’t show, the attending physicists team up to try to find him. One of them takes extraordinary interest in Eloise and, in an aside to her, confesses he is from another galaxy, which she laughs off at the same time wondering what she’s gotten herself into. However, the professed extraterrestrial might be the key to finding the conference organizer.  Eloise’s scientific training is further put to the test as she must come to terms with a hoodoo curse that brings bad luck, with the conference organizer’s disappearance, and with her desire to be back at her university teaching job and in the nice, safe world of math equations. Ultimately, she has to decide if she really believes her eyes.

I hope you read and enjoy my latest digital book, and if you have the time, please review it on Amazon.  Thank you.

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