Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

The sun is setting on the first day of 2014, and as you can see we have no snow.  No snow pack in the mountains. We can only hope for more rain or snow soon.  The pond is a solid block of ice so the ducks make due with the top of a plastic barrel for their pond. John and I spent a quiet day eating well, walking and talking and laughing. Last night we watched again one of our favorite moves, My Big Fat Greek Wedding. The night before it was The Cave of the Yellow Dog, a story about a nomadic family in Mongolia by the same filmmaker who did The Weeping Camel. We recommend them. Funny and uplifting is what we look for these days. We're looking forward to a goodly interesting new year. We hope you are, too. We wish everyone the very best in 2014.

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