Thursday, September 19, 2013

Around the Ranch

Cows going to winter pasture
Starting to feel like fall here. We had a light freeze last night and weather today is sunny, breezy and in the 70s. Our ranch neighbors, McBain and Toelle, moved their cows to winter pasture. Many friends came to visit while I've been recovering from surgery.  Today I'm starting to feel like my old self. It's been a month. Having folks visit always cheers me up. The turks are getting big. We think we might have two hens and two gobblers. We all know what happens to gobblers. They are entertaining. This morning they flew up on the chicken shed and were walking around. They tend to travel in a group. They are great foragers and love bugs. Okay with us. Tegin, Sam and Bella came through on the weekend on their way to San Jose, CA to seek their fortune.  They left Portland behind and will call the Winnebago home for a while. They want to play music. They are both very talented and resourceful artists. We know they will do well. We might hook up with them this winter down south where it is warmer. Their cat Bella always travels with them and she was a great hit with the turkeys. Thanks to all of you who keep in touch and wish me well with my recovery.  Happy Fall!
Diane comes to visit and coach Qigong

Turks watch oncoming storm. Hey, what's that on the ground, you guys?

Tegin and Sam start their next big adventure

Road Warrior Winnebago is their new home

Old Bella travels along with them

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