Friday, May 17, 2013

Potted Cat Reported in the East

Brindle Potted Cat
Alert reader, Kimberly, who also happens to be my niece, reports the unique phenomenon of Potted Cat has been spotted at her home in Pennsylvania. We seem to have an eastern species of the western variety of Potted Cat that I reported in a previous post. Kimberly sent photos of this unusual potted growth. This Potted Cat is a mother stray who showed up at Kimberly's house with two kittens about a year ago. One of the kittens adopted Kimberly and family. Her name is Onyx. She walked inside one day and never left.

In Kimberly's words: "I call the mother cat, Brindle.  The day Onyx decided to come into our house was the last time I saw her brother, who looked very similar to the mother cat.  Brindle had been biting at Onyx and growling at her, when only weeks before, had been nursing the two kittens.  I guess mother cat was telling her 4 month old kittens to get lost.  Onyx was very intrigued by our resident male cat, Majik, who used to be Mom and Dad's cat.  At first, he was not thrilled with his new little friend, but Majik has never been mean to Onyx.  She has followed him around from day 1 and does exactly as he does."  See photos.

Brindle continues to live outdoors and sleep in pots, preferring independence as cats often do. She enjoys leg rubs and allows a few pets from time to time. It seems Onyx has taken over the family.

Thank you Kimberly for that report and photos!

PS.  In her spare time Kimberly is a volunteer costumer for local school plays, musicals and other events. This has been going on for the last ten years. She also enjoys gardening and is a fabulous cook. 

Onyx takes over

Majik and Onyx

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