Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Blitzen Moves to Drewsey

Morgan, MacKenzie, Spike and Blitzen
 Blitzen celebrated his first birthday, April 8, in his new home with the Cronin family on a ranch in Drewsey. (If some of my friends and relatives thought I was in the middle of nowhere, this ranch is east of that.) Harriet, his mother, is with him. MacKenzie, thirteen year old daughter of Toby and Lisa, is Blitzen and Harriet's new trainer. She has already trained two horses and some of her other pets.  Blizten shares the round corral with his new horse pal, Spike, a two year old buckskin who MacKenzie is also training. Both boys are not clipped yet but that is scheduled for this week. Then Blizen should calm down a bit. Mackenzie has made good progress with him. He now leads much better and doesn't bite anymore. Harriet and Blitzen will be saddle trained. Lisa and Toby have a cow/calf ranch operation and make hay. Besides their three daughters, they also have two goats, five dogs, a collection of cats, oh yes, and more horses out in the pasture. Blitzen and Harriet have found a really good home. Horse heaven.
Mackenzie and Morgan with Harriet

One of Harriet's cow pals. Lisa milks four cows. I was very impressed.

McKenzie puts Blitzen and Spike through their paces.

Lisa and Morgan.

The boys with their trainer.

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