Monday, December 3, 2012

Horses come home, owls watch

 Today John brought the horses home to our pasture after being across Palomino Lane in the neighbor's pasture for a few months (with their permission, of course). He puts a lead on Yoda, the old girl, and Harriet and Baby Blitzen follow. It works. Gracias a Dios. It will be easier to feed and water them with the temperatures dropping.

Hooter (female)
 Hooter and Hootie watched from their respective berths in the elm and Russian olive trees. Some days now they don't come. Some days only Hootie comes. Today they both came to roost for the day. Will there be baby owls in February?  Stay tuned.
Hootie (male)
Owl scat. They swallow their prey whole then pass the skeletons and fur.

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