Friday, November 2, 2012

All Souls Day

He seems to think I'm bothering him.
 The owls are back! Great Horned Owls with golden eyes.
There really are two owls in this tree

Almost as big as his mom

Hammin it up again
Today we commemorate the All Faithful Departed. Latinos celebrate the Day of the Dead. When I lived in Mexico it was the day people went to the graveyard and cleaned the graves and prayed for the departed and remembered them. Bakeries make cute skeleton and skull pastries. This is one of my favorite holiday times of the year. The weather is changing, leaves are blowing around the yard, ghouls and goblins sneak around in the night. Yesterday was All Saints Day, especially celebrated in the Catholic and Episcopal churches where we remember the saints. Then there was All Hallows Eve. This year it was pretty quiet here.No trick or treaters in our neighborhood. But we do have -- OWLS!  The owl I kept throwing stones at in the tree to scare him away is back. With his mate!  Hootie and Hooter Great Horned Owls have taken up residence and we have declared an uneasy truce. I watch them. They watch back. It wasn't until this morning that I saw both of them. You have to be looking for them to realize they are in the trees. I warn them about trying to get the chickens or cats. The bird book says they hunt up to rabbit size rodents. They better stick to rodents. I include the latest photos of Blitzen. He's almost as tall as his mother. He is 7 months old, and the black in his coat is getting blacker. He likes carrots especially.

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