Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Willamette Writers Conference 2012

John Ellis tells us why the web was made for writers

Waiting to pitch

Busy conference organizers

Jennifer and Amber

Derya and Perla

Peg and Tegin at Happy Hour

The Happy Babes from Burns
The annual Willamette Writers conference was held in Portland this past weekend. Screenwriter friend Peg and I went to attend Friday and Saturdays workshops. We learned a lot, had a lot of laughs and met new friends. It may be one of the best writers' conferences I attend. In terms of being well-organized, quality of workshops and speakers, opportunity to meet other writers, agents and editors, it can't be beat. I attended mostly indie publishing workshops and came back with new ideas. I think. Or maybe they were old ideas, recycled. The Film Lab on Friday night was the best. We saw five short films produced by Portland film makers and they were excellent.This conference is about half literary (books) and half film with lots of producers and agents from Los Angeles looking for new talent. The Portland Airport Sheraton where the conference is held is a great facility and in a good location.  Good food, too. And microbrews! What more could a writer ask for?


  1. Hey, I'm famous! And you're a great photographer. I didn't click a single photo the whole weekend, so I get the booby prize for blogging!

  2. Hi Jennifer, isn't technology wonderful? Great meeting you at the conference and thanks for the help with Weebly!