Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Weather Report: Measurable Snow (at last)

Snow has finally found us in the high desert. For those of my friends who read this blog and have heard about the winter storms descending on the Pacific Northwest, the worst of it is to the west and north of us around Portland and Seattle. Snow is unusual for them. The Oregon Coast is forecast to have hurricane force winds today. We have snow which we need, especially in the mountains. The Northwest depends on melting snow pack for much of its water. In the photos I posted last week of the Steens Mountains, you could see that there was barely any snow.  The horses stand in sheltered areas to get out of the wind. Ours have stalls they could go in, but they don't like to be enclosed, being the semi-wild girls they are. They'll stand in the snow, resting, and it piles up on their backs. When they move, they just shake it off. Their coats are like mink fur. The photo of John is of him standing in the garage on the phone, talking to one of our neighbors about pumps and irrigation lines as the snow blows by him.

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