Friday, December 9, 2011

The Forty Column Castle

I've been very busy this last month editing, proof reading and formatting a novel I wrote that the New York publishing gods never bought. So I decided to publish it myself for ereaders because I like the book a lot and wanted it to share it with others. The cost of entry is relatively low in electronic publishing if you do a lot of the work yourself. So I jumped in, kicking and screaming, to the world of digital publishing. I wanted to be writing, but actually the process helped me to improve my writing and control the artistic quality of my work.  Bookbaby did the conversion to epub software and they did the cover art which is in this photo. The book will be available next week end on Amazon Kindle and iBooks. It will be available later on Sony and Nook.  I do not have plans now to publish a print edition.  All the marketing, which I handle myself, will be online.  Some people are stuck in the world of print books. I was, too.  But my dear friend, Marlis, gave me her old (a mere three years old) Kindle and I started using it and got hooked.  E Books will not go away. You might as well wade in.  Ask Santa for one. Kindle Fires are $199 on Amazon and there are cheaper versions. The IPad is more.  The Nook is about the same range as the Kindle.  For more information on The Forty Column Castle, check out my new (just published this week) web site: I'm also on Facebook.  Happy reading!

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